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Quarter 3 Performance Task Build-A-City

Students worked on a Build-A-City Model of a Ranch, Hispanic Town, and a Mission to looked at how towns were back during colonization.

Build-A-City Model

Student Worked on Performance Task Quarter 3: "Build A City/Ranch/Future City or The Alamo (8th Graders only). This video shows the Final Model Product where students explained the importance of each place and used vocabulary and grammar form chapter 8 La ciudad/La comunidad/La casa. These students are in the Spanish Program at Vista Charter Middle School Los Angeles.

Message From President Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama sends a message to parents and students about the importance of learning a new language. Being Bilingual is very important.


Spanish is becoming the second most important language in the United States. This is the right moment for you to become bilingual. Vamos Paso a Paso aprendiendo el español. Bienvenidos

Why Study Spanish?

Every year more people learn Spanish in the United States. Right now is the best moment to learn the language and become bilingual. Practice every day, listen to music, watch television, and have conversation with friends and family in Spanish.