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Philosophy of Education

My name is Enock Benavides. I was born in El Salvador but because of the Civil War in my country from 1980-1992 and poverty decades that followed it, I had to come to the United States in 1995. I attended Belmont High School without any knowledge of English but suddenly I embraced the new culture, environment, and language. Being dedicated to my education gave me the opportunity to graduate from high school in 1999 and graduated from university in 2006. I got my B.A. in Spanish literature and linguistic.

Working in a diverse urban school as an educator, I need to embrace and take pride in the cultural differences in Los Angeles. My mission is to facilitate learning in a well structure atmosphere free of discrimination. I believe that in the hands of the youth is the future of our communities but we must take pride in our cultural difference and help the youth excel in their education. They not only need well-prepared teachers but also they need leaders, role models, and advisers to follow.

Bienvenidos a la clase de ESPAÑOL. 

Why is College Important?

College is important because it is the key that opens many doors of opportunities. Getting a good education is the best decesion you can make in your life. It can help you grow as a person and change the world. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which can be use to change the world.” An educated person can change not only his/her life, but also his surrounding and the community.

College Information:

 California State University Los Angeles

            Degree: B.A. Spanish Literature and Linguistic


College: Asociated Degree in Liberal Art Los Angeles City College



Quarter 3 Performance Task Build-A-City

Students worked on a Build-A-City Model of a Ranch, Hispanic Town, and a Mission to looked at how towns were back during colonization.

Build-A-City Model

Student Worked on Performance Task Quarter 3: "Build A City/Ranch/Future City or The Alamo (8th Graders only). This video shows the Final Model Product where students explained the importance of each place and used vocabulary and grammar form chapter 8 La ciudad/La comunidad/La casa. These students are in the Spanish Program at Vista Charter Middle School Los Angeles.

Message From President Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama sends a message to parents and students about the importance of learning a new language. Being Bilingual is very important.


Spanish is becoming the second most important language in the United States. This is the right moment for you to become bilingual. Vamos Paso a Paso aprendiendo el español. Bienvenidos

Why Study Spanish?

Every year more people learn Spanish in the United States. Right now is the best moment to learn the language and become bilingual. Practice every day, listen to music, watch television, and have conversation with friends and family in Spanish.