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Parent Volunteering

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Parental involvement in schools yield higher levels of student academic achievement, better attendance, and other educational benefits.  The inclusion  of parental involvement as one of the eight state priorities adopted last year in the Local Control Funding Formula legislation (AB 97) reflects the significance of this factor in student academic success. All public schools, whether traditional, pilot, charter, or some other model, therefore continually seek effective ways to increase and support parent engagement at the school. Schools employ various tools and approaches such as parent compacts, centers,  conferences, special events, awards assemblies, classes, workshops, and volunteer opportunities to achieve this laudable goal.

Charter public schools are prohibited, however, from requiring a parent or guardian to perform volunteer service as a condition of his/her child's admission, continued enrollment, and/or participation in the school's educational activities, or otherwise discriminating against a student because his/her parent can not, has not, or will not provide voluntary service to the school.  Students must not be held accountable for, or denied their educational rights based on the actions or inactions of their parents. “While parental involvement is a critical key to student success, no student would ever be punished or lose their place at a school based on a parent's volnteer hours.” (CCSA Frequently Asked Questions http:// www. calcharters. org/understanding/faqs  [as of December 3, 2014])

We want to ensure that parent volunteering at the school is and remains truly voluntary.  

Please check our Parent-Student Handbook for more details about parent involvement and let us know if you have any question.  Sincerely,
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Estimados Padres o Guardianes:
Participación de padres en las escuelas , genera niveles más altos de desempeño académico, mejor participación otros beneficios educativos. La inclusión de la participación parental como una de las ocho prioridades adoptadas el año pasado en la Formula de Fondos por Control Local (AB 97). Refleja el significado de este factor en el aprovechamiento académico estudiantil. Todas las escuelas públicas, ya sean tradicionales, piloto, autónomas, o de otro modelo, solicitan continuamente maneras eficaces para aumentar y sustentar la participación parental en las escuelas. Las escuelas emplean varios herramientas y enfoques tales como convenios para padres, conferencias, eventos especiales, asambleas de premiación, clases, talleres, y oportunidades de voluntariado para lograr esta meta.

A las escuelas públicas Charter se les prohíbe que un padre o guardián realice servicios de voluntario como condición de la admisión de su hijo(a), inscripción continua, y/o participación en las actividades escolares, o de la misma manera discriminar en contra del estudiante por porque sus padres no pueden o efectivamente no proporcionaran servicios de voluntario en la escuela. A los estudiantes no se les puede exigir cuentas o denegar derechos educativos con base en la acción u omisión por parte del padre. “Si bien, la participación parental es un componente vital para el éxito estudiantil, ningún alumno se le deberá castigar o retirar su espacio con base en las horas de voluntario de los padres en la escuela.” (CCSA Preguntas Frecuentes [obtenido el 3 de diciembre, 2014].)
Queremos asegurar que los servicios voluntarios de los padres en la escuela son y continuara siendo voluntario.

Favor verificar la Guía para Padres para más detalles acerca de la participación parental y háganos saber si tiene preguntas.


Dear Parents,


Vista Charter Middle School has established a new volunteer policy effective the current school year. New procedures were adopted to further ensure the health and safety of our students. Please come by our front office and see Ms. Marcia, Office Manager, to complete the necessary paperwork if you are interested in volunteering.


If you wish to volunteer less than 10 days per month the following is required:


  • Volunteer form
  • Current TB test results (expires every 4 years)
  • California Driver License or California ID


All information will remain on file at the school site. TB test results and number of days volunteered per month will be monitored by school site.


If you wish to volunteer more than 10 days per month the following is required:

  • Volunteer form
  • Current TB test results (expires in 4 years)
  • California Driver License or California ID Card
  • Request for fingerprinting form (issued by the school)


For the volunteer form and/or if you have any questions, you may stop or call our office at 213-201-4000 and ask for Ms. Marcia.


We thank you in advance for volunteering your time to help our students and staff in their academic endeavors. Please be sure to sign in every time you volunteer so we may track your time.