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Vista provides a holistic STEAM-based educational experience that promotes inquiry and critical thinking through many hands-on, authentic learning experiences and educational programs.  STEAM is an educational acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.
  • Science: Vista offers an innovative, experiential Science program through Amplify out of UC Berkeley where students learn to "think like a scientist" through hands-on, real-life scientific scenarios and expeditions.  
  • Technology: Technology plays a prominent role at Vista enriching many aspects of the Vista experience.  Every student is given their own Chromebook at Vista to use in their classes.  In addition, Vista offers technology-based programs, including Cyber Patriot, Girls Who Code, Virtual Reality, Digital Imaging, and much more.  
  • Engineering: Vista also provides an exciting STEAM-based program, called Project Lead the Way, where students are empowered to develop important real-world skills through building, creating and prototyping their own projects.  
  • Arts: The arts are an important part of Vista's curriculum, giving students the freedom to unleash their imagination and creativity and express themselves through various artistic forms.  Currently, Vista offers Music to all students, including guitar, piano, and choir.  Vista also offers Art & Design where students learn fine arts, including drawing, painting, and sculpting.  Vista students can also become involved in photography-based clubs.
  • Mathematics:  Vista students learn to problem solve as well as think and reason analytically in their math classes.  Vista uses Engage New York, a top-rated rigorous, Common Core aligned curriculum in all math classes, where students use and apply mathematical concepts and models to solve real-world problems.