Creating Leaders

My students need the opportunity to experience All it Takes and become leaders in our community. They will be able to make positive changes and get the tools and education they need to inspire others.

My Students

As a teacher in a low-income neighborhood, my students are faced with several challenges both in and out of the classroom. The typical student in my class reads below grade level and many struggle with basic phonics and number sense. Over 90% of our students are Latino.

Our school serves culturally and linguistically diverse students in grades 6-8 and provides rigorous academics, fantastic teachers and a safe learning environment.

Over 90% of our students receive free lunch. Many of our students also participate in a free after school program that assists them with homework assignments since they do not have the necessary resources at home.

My Project

Students from 6 to 8th grade will be participating in a leadership camp called All it Takes, were there will be participating in various activities throughout the weekend. Through these activities students will be working in groups and encouraging each other through challenges. One of the main activities of the weekend is the rope courses. Students are able to confront their fear of heights and rely on each other but at the same time they are able to learn more about themselves.

The GOAL of the weekend is for them to become leaders both in their own lives and for others.

Leaders who, through bold and compassionate action, make positive changes in the world that benefit their families, our schools, our communities and our world.

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