Building Leaders in Struggling Communities

Vista Charter Middle School is committed to transforming the school experience. The school is filled with teachers and staff who genuinely care and want the best for our students and their communities. We pride ourselves on pushing our students out of the school-to-prison pipeline that exists for students in Downtown Los Angeles through community and leadership building opportunities. This Washington D.C. trip would be a life-changing opportunity for student enrolled in the leadership class at our school. This class helps build and foster future leaders in the community who are committed to building a better life for themselves, their family, their friends, and their community. Most of these students have never been on a plane or traveled anywhere outside of Los Angeles and are eager for an opportunity to demonstrate and transform their leadership abilities. Since the start of the year, these students have been fundraising and are in the process of creating more opportunities to fund raise, but because of their community there will be restrictions on how much they will be able to make.

Please help us, Vista Charter Middle School, transform these students' futures by sending them on an important journey to learn about important leaders from the past, but also give them leadership opportunities and training as well.
For more information, please contact 8th grade History teacher, Ms. Hillis or visit the following website.
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