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Queridas Familias de Vista -Dear Vista Families

Dear Vista Families,
As of Friday, Governor Newsom mandated that all public and private school campuses remain
closed to students in counties on the state’s virus monitoring list. Returning to campus will be
possible only when affected counties have met the criteria established by the state. We know that
Vista parents and students are wondering how this will affect our plans when school resumes on
August 18th and in the months to come.
Although disappointed to not be able to return to campuses as soon as we had hoped, a key priority
continues to be the safety of our students, team members and families. At the same time, we
recognize the need to maintain the highest levels of education for our students.
Since March, and throughout the summer, we have been preparing for a variety of reopening
scenarios that aligned with state and local health guidelines. Although the situation has changed,
and our return to campus designs can’t be implemented immediately, we are continually refining our
plans so that we are well prepared for each anticipated phase of this journey.
We know this will continue the impact school closure and Covid19 has had on our students and
families emotionally, as well as economically, and our hearts are with you and your families. We
hope that this current phase is brief and that we are soon back on track to return to campus. For
now, we will continue to monitor the situation, integrate new public health guidelines as they
emerge, and refine our return to campus plans.
In addition to planning for physically returning to campus, our team has been designing multiple
approaches to teaching and learning to ensure that whatever comes next - be it continued distance
learning, a later shift to hybrid models allowing partial return, or a full return to campus with some
families continuing to learn from home – continues our mission to transform the educational
experience of our students and provide a program that is socially and emotionally supportive,
intellectually engaging and academically rigorous.
Please be on the lookout for more information from your school’s principal.
I hope each of you continue to stay safe and healthy.
Don Wilson,
Super intendent
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